Friday, 31 May 2013

TDS on Salary + 24Q +26Q for FY 2013-14 & AY 2014-15

Prepare at a time 50 employees Individual Tax computed Sheet + 24Q & 26 Q in Excel format for Assessment Year 2014-15...


  1. I am Mr.Pranab Banerjee, Software Maker mainly in Income Tax. I have seen one of my Excel Based Software( TDS on Salary + 14Q + 26Q for Ass Yr 2014-15) in your Blog Post. For your kind information that this is not fare and this will be against the Copy write Act, as this only copyright by me and owner of this utility. You never upload in your blog post without any permission of me. Can you explain why you post my utility in your blog post without permission of me ?. This is the first time intimation to you, Hope you are well ware that others materials can not be published or upload in any places without permission of the Owner's. Your reply should be send to my mail address, hope you will do that. For your kind information that I will follow you in future for this type of creation.